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Where are Fisker Cars made?

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So where are Fisker cars made? Fisker is believed to be producing cars in Detroit. But, this mystery remains for most. The company has revealed that it will open a new round for financing in April 2012. Keep reading to find out where Fisker makes its cars. Here are some interesting facts. Here are the addresses for Fisker factories:


Canadians might be curious about where Fisker cars are manufactured. The company makes its cars in Toronto. Recent acquisitions saw the company sold to a Chinese corporation. The company then introduced a hybrid model in 2016 called the Revero, and now their new cars will be all-electric. Fisker Toronto will make this model available although it's unclear when.

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Fisker's electric cars are made in Toronto. Magna, which manufactures vehicles like the BMW 5 Series and Mercedes Benz G-class SUV, is also a partner of the company. The company's current goal is to build 50,000 cars by the year 2023. However, its CEO says that they are confident that production will triple. Magna is also owned by the company, which produces the G-class sedan and G-class SUVs from Benz-Benz.

Wilmington Assembly plant

If you're wondering how Fisker cars are made, you're not alone. The plant is also home to GM's former Buick-Oldsmobile-Pontiac assembly division, which built millions of vehicles in Wilmington. After defaulting on federal loans, the company declared bankruptcy. The only vehicle left at the plant is a Pontiac Solstice convertible. It was made at the plant from 2011 to 2011.

GM's Wilmington Assembly facility was closed last spring. But, now the company has bought it from Motors Liquidation Department. This is the company which was left in bankruptcy. This plant was the home of the Pontiac Solstice, and Saturn Sky. Production ceased in spring 2013. Fisker Automotive plans on using the plant to produce affordable plug in hybrid cars. Project NINA, which is a plug-in hybrid sedan made from the plant's materials, will sell at a price of just under $40k once federal tax credits are applied.


Magna Fisker's new car looks like the ideal vehicle for the future. Despite its higher price, the Ocean EV offers a comparable interior volume to a BMW 5-Series. The monthly lease cost is $379, and Fisker hopes to be cashflow positive by 2023. Magna's 6% share in the company does not amount to cash. It is a partnership in exchange for engineering services, so it does not need to deliver cars soon.

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Magna’s electric vehicle design will be used as the basis for the OceanEV. Fisker has modified this to suit his own needs. This will result in a lower starting cost and a car with a class-leading range. It will also make it easier to produce. The Ocean SUV is expected in the market with a starting MSRP of $37.499. This includes tax credits as well as EV-related subsidies. The Ocean SUV will have a range between 270 and EUR32,000. It is also priced below EUR32,000.

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Where are Fisker Cars made?