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Best Tech Gifts 2019 Under $50

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You should give podcasting and live streaming a gift. Razer Seiren Mini microphones make it easy and affordable to use. Blue Snowball Ice mics provide excellent audio quality at a much lower cost. The Wyze Scale offers incredible value. It measures 12 metrics and includes Wyze Band integration. This scale is safe for pacemakers as well as pregnant women.

Logitech M570 mouse

Logitech M570 mouse is the perfect computer accessory for your man. This mouse has both the functionality of a regular computer mouse and the flexibility that comes with a trackball. The mouse can be tailored to your exact needs. It has a unique design, which can solve the problem that you cannot use the same device for all of your PC games. This mouse is more comfortable than other mice and reduces wrist strain.

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Logitech G432 gaming headset

If you want to buy the best gaming headset under $50, look no further than the Logitech G432 gaming headset. This headset boasts a 7.1 channel USB sound card and 50mm drivers. It should deliver great audio quality. It supports both 3.5mm connections and USB connections. The microphone automatically mutes when you move your head towards it. It comes with a USB DAC as well as a travel bag. The Logitech G432 comes with a pair or earpads. Sidetone controls on the Logitech G432 make it easy for you to adjust them to suit your ears.

Roku 4K Streaming Stick

The Roku 4K 4K Streaming Stick streaming device is simple to use and has all of the features you would expect for a streaming device this affordable. It has a remote with additional buttons that can be used to launch popular streaming apps. HDR10 Plus and Dolby Vision support ensure the best viewing experience. Amazon Alexa, a voice assistant, can control your TV and other smart gadgets. Roku Streaming Stick also works with Apple AirPlay.

Wyze Smart Plug

When it comes to buying tech gifts, it's not easy to spend $200 or more. There are still ways to buy a smart socket for as low as $50. Wyze Smart Plug not only allows you to control your home lights but it also works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Google Home. If you're looking for a gift that can keep up with their tech-savvy lifestyle, you can look no further than the Wyze Smart Plug.

Philips Hue smart bulbs

The Philips Hue smart bulbs are a great gift idea for smart bulb lovers. The starter kit contains two color ambiance lights and a Hue hub, which connects to your Wi Fi router or cable modem. Once your bulbs have been synced, you can control them via the Hue app. The Hue light bulbs are available in 16 million colors, and the app allows you to change the colors of the bulbs. This makes it the perfect smart bulb gift for under $50.

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Anker phone charger

You have many choices when shopping for tech gifts. You can find everything, from touchscreen-friendly gloves to handheld vacuums, Bluetooth trackers, Amazon Echo dots, and Bluetooth cleaners. You will also find car accessories, including an Anker charging cable. You need to strike the right balance between cost and functionality so you don’t pay more for less. Fortunately, there are some affordable tech gifts that are also dependable and worth your time.

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What qualifications do I need to be a truck mechanic?

Although you don’t have formal qualifications, you have extensive experience with engines and trucks. Your experience is valuable because it allows you to diagnose problems quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Your knowledge of diesel technology will allow you to identify the parts that are required to fix our vehicles.

Are you a mechanic or a technician? What about part-time study?

Although it's not mandatory, a degree can help. Employers prefer candidates who have completed a full degree. It shows that your efforts have been put in and you have succeeded.

This doesn't necessarily mean you can't continue to work while studying. Some universities permit students to do coursework during summer holidays and complete their studies later in a year. Students can also take classes part time throughout the academic year.

What jobs are available for car mechanics?

Three main areas of employment are available for car mechanics:

  • Automotive repair shops
  • Dealerships
  • Independent garages

Automotive repair shops

This is the place most people begin to consider becoming mechanics. It's the easiest way for most people to get started. You have two options: work in an existing shop or open your own.

If you plan to work in a shop, you must apply to join the union. Once you have been accepted into the Union, you'll be given training by the union.

You'll be ready for work once you have completed the training.

Register with the government if you want to open your garage. Once you have registered, certain standards will be enforced.

You will receive a license to run your garage once you have registered.

Your license will permit you to sell spares parts and perform minor repairs. You can't fix major engine problems with your license.

Apart from selling spare parts, customers will also expect you to provide guidance and advice.

Dealership jobs

Most dealerships employ mechanics who can specialize in a particular area of the car. They may be trained to replace or repair tires, or they may specialize in brakes.

Some dealers also have general mechanics that can handle all aspects.

These positions often require applicants that they undergo special training before being allowed work. This allows employers to pick the right candidates for their jobs.

Some dealerships will even hire graduates right out of university. These graduates are already familiar with basic mechanics and can therefore learn about cars.

Independent garages

Independent garages do not belong to any dealership. They are more focused on providing top-quality service.

Independent garages don't have to be associated with any particular company. This allows them to offer higher wages. These jobs generally pay better than those at dealerships.

However, independent garages may not be better places to work. Many owners prefer to control their businesses themselves, rather than delegating it to employees.

So you may find yourself working long hours without having any say over what happens during the day.

Also, expect to make lower wages than if your job was at a dealership.

The good news? You can easily switch between different types of jobs. You can switch jobs easily if you are interested in working at a dealership. Simply ask your employer if they would be open to hiring you as a mechanic.

If you prefer to work in an independent garage, you might consider applying directly to its owner.

Finding a new job is not always easy. You can earn more depending on many other factors.

For example, the type of vehicle you repair and whether you charge extra for labor.


  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the job outlook for automotive service technicians and mechanics is expected to decline by 4% from 2019 to 2029. (indeed.com)
  • There were 749,900 jobs available for automotive service technicians and mechanics in 2016, which is expected to grow by six percent through 2026. (jobhero.com)
  • 52% of Mechanics in the United States think their salaries are enough for the cost of living in their area. (indeed.com)

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How To

How to avoid auto mechanic scams

Scamming by auto mechanics is a problem that consumers face. The average American spends $1,500 a year on vehicle repairs. This means that there is plenty of people willing to take advantage. However, if you know what to look for, you can avoid becoming a victim. These are some ways to spot scammers before they take your money.

  1. Never pay upfront. If someone asks you to pay them upfront, it's probably a scam. You should always ask for payment after work is completed. If you're unsure whether something is legitimate, call the Better Business Bureau (BBB) at 1-888-322-8138. They'll give you advice on how to proceed.
  2. Ask for references. You can contact former customers to confirm that you are dealing with a trustworthy service provider. Online reviews are also a great way to verify the service provider's reputation. You should ensure that the business you do business with has a good reputation.
  3. Do background checks. It is a good idea to do background checks before hiring. Check the BBB website to find out if there have been any complaints. Also, make sure that the license number of the vehicle belongs to the owner.
  4. Don't be afraid of walking away. Sometimes, even when a business seems legit, they try to trick you into paying too much. Don't hesitate to leave if you feel like you've been taken advantage of. There are many businesses out there that can help you.
  5. Beware of free services. Many companies offer free inspections or estimates. These companies often charge high fees for additional services. Before agreeing to any agreement, always ask about any additional costs.
  6. Avoid being pressured. If a company offers you a great deal it is because they believe they can charge you less than what you are worth. You should not be forced to buy anything if you find yourself in this situation.
  7. Quality products are important. You want to make sure that the repair shop uses high-quality parts. For instance, if you require new brake pads you should not go to a place that uses low-quality pads. You should instead go to a shop that is specialized in brakes.
  8. Get multiple quotes. It is important to compare prices across shops. Comparing prices between shops will give you a better chance to find a fair price.
  9. Keep track. Keep records of everything that happens during your repair. This includes invoices, receipts, and warranties. Notify your recipient of phone numbers or addresses.
  10. Keep informed



Best Tech Gifts 2019 Under $50